The REgional Ain Shams University TeleStroke network

Telestroke is the remote management of stroke starting from diagnosis, timely referral, and recommendations with or against clot-busting drugs and endovascular therapies. It also includes follow up during admission and post-discharge. The American Heart Association guidelines and international stroke accreditation bodies approved theĀ  use of telemedicine in the management of stroke. AVH provides comprehensive telestroke services to all hospitals linked to it and offers training to improve the competencies of the healthcare team too. The unique platform links AVH network and integrates all services delivered in outpatient and inpatient settings, and training activities.Telestroke services offered by AVH help provide timely specialized care to patients in a disease where time is brain. It also helps make up for the deficiency and maldistribution of neurologists in the country and region. The service includes 24/7 remote consultations, image review, secure documentation of clinical notes, telestroke service consultancy and gap analysis, telestroke protocol development in alignment with stroke management workflows, technology selection, and telestroke business model development.The project was initially funded by the STDF.