What we do

What we do

We redefine healthcare through technology-enabled hospital management and operation, consultancy, patient experience, care delivery, medical research, medical training and innovation.


AVH offers consultancy services to healthcare providers who wish to rapidly initiate, upgrade or evaluate their healthcare services. We help you provide patient centred, value based cost effective care with improved patient related outcomes, and reduced complications rate.

Care delivery

AVH’s services blend and integrate both the virtual and physical care delivery systems according to need. It incorporates innovation in delivery, integration and dissemination of healthcare services. We utilize synchronous and asynchronous methods of patient care together with 24/7 remote patient monitoring during their ICU stay.

Medical research

Holistic e-health research is one of the principal interests of AVH. It is directed towards four main research areas:

The researchers are a consortium of healthcare providers, engineers and computer scientists and may include any relevant stakeholder. AVH invites international researchers, junior researchers and eminent publishers to contribute to this extraordinary team of researchers.

Medical training

The mix between academia and healthcare practitioners delivers applied, targeted medical training. Medical training is provided in a blended online/onsite fashion with an innovative polish


The virtual hospital’s location in the heart of the 4000-bed Ain Shams University Hospitals and the consortium of expertise creates an innovative environment that caters the needs of Ain Shams healthcare system, patients and healthcare providers. Many new gadgets and software lack the sufficient credibility to reach the market. The heterogeneity and huge numbers of Ain Shams University Hospital visitors allows it to host the development and testing of innovations with commercial product quality. AVH invites innovators to collaborate with our team in all healthcare products and models.

Hospital management

Our hospital management system transforms traditional systems to a more organized, integrated, customizable, efficient and shareable version. It allows proficient management of satellite hospitals and internal departments. It allows reporting and situational analytics to support operational management and long-term planning. Competitive positioning and expanded market access is a natural consequence in the revolutionary technology enabled care delivery.

Telemedicine services

AVH provides different models of telemedicine as P2P, C2P according to the healthcare need.

Provider to provider (P2P)

The Neurology Department uses telemedicine for timely diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients via contacting the oncall consultant 24/7 from the ER. The consultant can both contact the physician at the ER and the patient for more accurate diagnosis. Moreover, the imaging is available in high quality DICOM format for best view. The service is unique at Ain Shams University Hospitals and saves the consultants’ time and effort allowing them to manage different locations during their work hours. The service is part of the TREATs service

Provider to customer

AVH provides telemedicine services to patients directly through its telemedicine platform https://eksheff.asuvh.com/ . The website is user-friendly and requires minimal information to register. Patients can upload material that may help the physician in their diagnosis and management plan. Many medical and surgical specialities are available for follow up and second opinion consults as appropriate. First diagnosis consults are only available in limited specialties. Emergencies are not managed through the service and patients are guided to refer to the nearest ER.