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It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the 3rd Middle East North Africa (MENA) Headache Conference, to be held October 18 – 21, 2018 in Cairo Egypt. The 2018 conference is organized by MENA Headache under the auspices of the international Headache Society and in collaboration with the European Headache Federation and the headache chapter of the Egyptian Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery. It is also endorsed by the European Academy of Neurology and the World Federation of Neurology. The conference will present the state-of-the-art in headache research and management, reflecting the huge advances in this field in the past decade. More than 50 international experts will be speaking at the conference, covering the wide range of topics on migraine and other headache types. Hands-on workshops and lectures by the world’s most eminent headache scientists will surely make it an outstanding scientific experience. We hope you will join us for a symphony of outstanding science, and take a little extra time to enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of Egypt.

Program Outline

View the PDF version for full details and timetable

  • The epidemiology and healthcare burden of headache ”Focus on regional data” – Maria Khan Junaidi, UAE
  • 1st epidemiological door to door study about headaches in Morocco – Najib Kissani, Morroco
  • Ain Shams university experience in headache clinic – Randa Amin, Egypt
  • Nigerian experience in headache practice – Yahaya Obiabo, Nigeria
  • Chronic Migraine, MENA Region Experience in the past 10 years – Ziad AlChami, KSA
  • UAE experience in having a multidisciplinary headache clinic – Abu Baker AlMadani, UAE
  • The GBD studies 1990- 2018: headache, disability and public ill health in the world and in MENA – Timothy J Steiner, UK
  • The HUNT studies from Norway: lessons for headache and public health in MENA – Mattias Linde, Norway
  • The DREAM programme: can it guide headache service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa? – M Leone, Italy/Malawi
  • Opening Ceremony: Ramez Reda Moustafa, Egypt. Khaled Elborollosi, Egypt. Riad Gouider, WFN. Mohamed Shehab, PAUNS. Hayrunnissa Bolay, Mena Headache.
  • Demystifying the science of monoclonal antibodies in migraine – Lars Edvinsson, President IHS, Sweden
  • Job Burden of Headache Disorders – Paolo Martelletti, President EHF, Italy
  • Osama Abdul Ghani, Egypt
  • Novartis Symposium: Reimagine Migraine Management “CGRP Receptor Antagonism” – Peter Goadsby, UK
  • Lundbeck Symposium: Tension headache and depression – Tarek Asaad, Egypt
  • Hands-on Workshop: Peripheral interventions in refractory headhache – Derya Uluduz (Turkey), Ahmed Elsadek (Egypt), Ahmed Abd Al Barr (Egypt).
  • Research papers flash talks.
  • Update in migraine pathophysiology – Peter Goadsby, UK
  • Sensorial processing disruption in migraine – Hayrunnissa Bolay, Turkey
  • Clinical diagnosis of headache: A sub-Saharan African Approach – Callixte Kaute, Cameroon
  • Migraine &Epilepsy – Hassan Hosny, Egypt
  • Clinical Diagnosis & Approach To Headache – Lala Seck , Senegal
  • Chronic migraine: recognizing and treating spontaneous intracranial hypotension – Rob Cowan, USA
  • Update in migraine treatment – Stephen Silberstein, USA
  • Tailoring treatment in Migraine – Ramez Reda Moustafa, Egypt
  • Neuromodulation Impact on Chronic Migraine – Hatem Samir, Egypt
  • Epidemiology of migraine in sub Saharan Africa – Youssoufa Maiga, Mali
  • Rare Primary Headaches – Sherine Farag, Egypt
  • Treatment guidelines for Cluster headache and other TACs – Koen Paemeleire, Belgium
  • Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalagia: Types and Classification – Ayman Nasef, Egypt
  • Tension Headache – Tedessa Sedda, Ethiopia
  • Does headache affect memory: myth or fact? – Yasir Malik, UAE
  • Headache and Epilepsy – Mahmoud Hemeida, Egypt
  • Migraine/Trigeminal Neuralgia relationship – Khaled Al Toukhy, Egypt
  • Headache during pregnancy – W. Haroun, Sudan
  • Chronic migraine in children – Ishaq Abu-Arefah, UK
  • Clinical approach to childhood headache – Nahed Salah, Egypt
  • Hands-on Workshop: Chronic migraine and Botulinum Toxin Workshop – P. Yalinay (Turkey), Nevine Mohieldin Shalaby (Egypt), Nevine El-Nahas (Egypt).
  • Merck Symposium: MS & Migraine – Related or Coincidence?  – Dina Zamzam, Egypt
  • Diagnosis of Secondary Headache- Emphasis on the Middle East – M.Khalil, UK
  • Medication overuse headache: A new name for an old problem – Rob Cowan, USA
  • Secondary headache – Maouly Fall, Senegal 
  • Recent management of idiopathic intracranial hypertension – Salah Hamada, Egypt 
  • Cervicogenic & sinus headache – DM Kayed, UAE
  • How can we use telemedicine in headache management? – Najib Kissani, Morroco  
  • Ain Shams Virtual Hospital Experience: The Treat and Teach Initiative – Tamer Emara, Egypt 
  • Uses of Technology in Headache – Shahinaz Helmy, Egypt   
  • The role of complementary and alternative medicine and Traditional medicines in headache management: Potential therapeutic benefits or placebo effect? – F. Mahomoodally, Mauritius 
  • Traditional practices for headache management in Ethiopia – Endegena Abebe, Ethiopia 
  • Clinical Workshop: How I treat difficult cases, tips and tricks – Farouk Talaat (Egypt), H. Bolay (Turkey),  Modar Khalil (UK). Moderator: Randa Amin (Egypt).


Conrad Cairo Hotel, Egypt

Online attendance available


50 USD for online attendance of the conference (3 days)

Registration Closed

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Starting Date

18th of October, 2018


50 USD

How to join?

Registration Closed

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